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switch kit instructions

At Monument Bank we know that switching your checking account from one institution to another can be a time-consuming process. But, with our Switch Kit, we can help you make the transition quickly and easily. Just follow the procedure below to get the process started:

Print out and complete the forms below. Bring them to Monument Bank so that we may help you start the process.

  1. Form 1: New Account Information Sheet. This is to open any one of our checking, savings or certificate accounts.
  2. Form 2: Direct Deposit Change Request to send to any direct deposit vendors that you may have including payroll from your employer or other government deposits, CD interest payments, etc. Just print off as many forms as you need. Our Branch Staff will help you with this.
  3.  If you are changing Social Security we have found it is easiest to switch by simply calling 800-772-1213.
  4.  Forms 3 & 4: Use the Automatic Payment Transfer Request and/or Direct Deposit Authorization Form to switch your automatic payments by sending any companies that you are currently paying through automatic payment/withdrawal. By attaching a voided check from your new Monument Bank checking account with this request they will have all the correct information to set up a new transfer. This could include Gas, Electric, Water, Phone, Cable, Loans, Insurance, etc. Print off as many forms as you need.
  5. Close your old account by sending our Account Closure Request Form to the financial institution where you may be closing out any accounts.

If you are closing accounts at other financial institutions it is a good idea to balance those accounts and make sure that all outstanding items have cleared. This could include checks, debit card transactions and any upcoming withdrawals or deposits.

Please bring your forms into the bank and one of our representatives will help you complete them and even send them to the appropriate place. We would like to make banking with Monument Bank as convenient and hassle free as possible. For more information on any of our products or services please contact us at (215) 340-1020.