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As a first-time homebuyer with limited funds for a down payment, buying a house was the biggest financial challenge I’ve ever faced. I turned to the team at Monument Bank for help and they suggested the FHA mortgage program.

Some banks don’t like to work with FHA loans because the paperwork can be time consuming. Since Monument Bank has a process already in place to efficiently handle FHA applications, it was easy and painless.

Working with Justin Stottlar was a pleasure. I received personalized service and could communicate with him and my main points of contact at the bank pretty much at any time, by phone or email. I didn’t have to worry about “Banker’s Hours” or even about normal business hours.

The other thing that I liked was that Justin provided a great education on home financing during the process. He personally took the time to explain the unique aspects of my loan and helped me to gain a solid understanding of the mortgage product I selected.

I really find Monument Bank exceptionally easy to do business with. Even though I am only using their mortgage services—for now—the online banking service makes everything a breeze. I can easily manage my account and make payments online, without the time and hassle of ‘snail mail.’

Probably the biggest difference I found from working with a small town bank like Monument is that they treat me as a real, live person—not a transaction. The team at Monument is made up of people who deal with people as people. That’s the way it should be, at least in my book.

Raymond G., Doylestown

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"For the last four years, Monument Bank has been the most pleasant, positive, and results-oriented professional I have ever worked with, regardless of the subject matter or problem."


Raymond G., Doylestown

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Monument Bank is your community bank with big bank technology. Whether you prefer to bank in person at the branch or on your sofa in your pajamas, Monument Bank constantly strives to provide you with the most complete, multi-channel banking experience available so you can bank the way you prefer.

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Now is the right time to get that house you always wanted! Competitive interest rates, flexible mortgage plans, down payment amounts geared toward your situation and programs to fit every borrower's needs are available at Monument Bank.

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Being in business is hard enough. If your bank is cutting into your bottom line with needless account maintenance fees, per check fees, in-person transaction fees, statement fees and on and on, you need Monument Bank on your team.

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As a business owner, you already know that your commercial lending relationship is critical to your success. Your bank should value that relationship and want to be your partner in success. Monument Bank’s team of experienced lenders will provide opportunities tailored to meet your needs.

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Monument Bank will never solicit for personal identification information via Internet or Telephone. Keep yourself protected by staying informed.

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