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How to Get Started!

Step 1) Go To Bank Website:

Step 2) At The Online Banking Box: "Click on First Time User?"

Step 3) On page titled "Online Banking Help"

  • Scroll Down Page
  • How To Get Started
  • Creating A New Password
  • Click Continue

Step 4) On page titled "Monument Bank Internet Banking Disclosure"

  • Scroll Down Page
  • After Reading Information Click Accept

Step 5) On page titled "First Time Login"

  • Access ID:                   Enter Account Number That You Are The Owner
  • Account Type:           Use Drop Down Box To Select Type
  • Password:                   Enter Last Four Digits Of Social Security Number
  • Click Submit

Step 6) Next page will prompt you to change your Access ID and Password

           Note : *Your Access ID cannot contain a symbol
                      *Your Access ID cannot contain more than 15 Characters
                     *Your Access ID cannot contain more than one upper case letter

Step 7) You will be prompted to create security questions

Once These Steps Are Completed You Are Now Able To Use Online Banking

Please Call Us If You Would Have Any Questions (215) 340-1020


Changing Your Access ID

Once submitting your temporary Access ID and Password under the First Time User Application, you may elect to change your Access ID. The Access ID can be a maximum of 16 characters and must contain Only letters and numbers - "No Symboles will be accepted!".

Creating a New Password

Once submitting your temporary Access ID and Password under the First Time User application, you will be prompted to create a new Password.

Your password requirements:

  1. Minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 12
  2. Password must be alphanumeric (Contain at least 1 alpha and 1 numeric character)
  3. Case sensitive
    (Example: your password is Winter01. You will not be able to log in if you type in winter01)
  4. Suggestion for users choosing their personal password and the security of your password:
    • Avoid using personal information i.e. social security numbers, phone numbers, or date of birth, names of pets or family members,
    • Don’t disclose your password to anyone else,
    • Don’t write down your password where others may find it.

Online Banking Help
If you require further assistance, you can contact Monument Bank Monday – Friday 9am-4pm at (215) 340-1020. If you are calling after hours please leave your message on our voice mail or contact us at