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Welcome to Monument Bank

Based in Doylestown, PA, Monument Bank is equipped to deliver refreshingly new standards of service.  We manage this through the alignment of three fundamental resources:

  1. Performance-proven bankers and leaders from our community
  2. The banking industry’s most advanced technology
  3. Our commitment to providing Service Beyond Expectations

The net results are financial flexibility, nimble decision-making, innovative thinking and integrated action aimed squarely at enabling our customers to achieve personal and business goals faster, more conveniently…and more profitably.
Ready to experience Service Beyond Expectations? We are ready to deliver. Welcome to Monument Bank.       


Performance-Proven Bankers and Community Leaders

Monument Bank is an assembly of experienced bankers and local leaders who share an abiding commitment to the growth of our community through the financial success of its businesses, institutions, enterprises and individuals.
As a member of this community, there are many ways you may benefit from a new working relationship with Monument Bank.  If you are interested in learning how our unique service structure and resources can deliver faster, more productive financial performance for you and your business, please contact any of these Monument Bank professionals from our community:


From left:  Barry J Miles, Sr, Michael J. Battista, Thomas E. Mackell M.D, David C. Frame M.D., Irving S. Stein, David E. Thompson, John A. Zebrowski, John C. Soffronoff, Daniel A. Nesi M.D., Clark S. Frame, Gerald Schatz, Richard F. Ryon.    Biography's

Advanced Banking Technology

Big banks have big technology to benefit big accounts.  But when a community bank builds itself on advanced technology to share with ALL of its customers…that’s Monument Bank.
Advances in banking technology are unfolding daily. Monument Bank is built on an operations platform that extends an extraordinary range of time-saving, money-making technological tools to consumer and business-level customers.  Monument’s IT core also enables the offering of newest advances as they become available…keeping us  ahead of the technological curve for the benefit of customers who expect faster, more productive
service from their banking partner.
Monument Bank integrates its advanced technology enhancements into the following services and offers them to customers on a no cost or low cost basis:

  • Remote Capture Deposits via CheckScan
  • Check Image
  • ALLPOINT  –  ATM free surcharge network
  • Debit Cards
  • Merchant Processing

Service Beyond Expectations

You know first-hand how the speed of your life is always increasing.  Shouldn’t your bank keep up with the pace?
At Monument Bank, we believe you have a right to expect faster, more responsive service.  Unprecedented precision in every transaction.  And more ways to make the most of your ever-precious time, as well as your money.
From all perspectives, Monument Bank is designed to provide Service Beyond Expectations for all of your business and consumer banking needs.  We are already delivering on this promise for other performance-driven members of our community.
We’d like to show you the difference Monument Bank can make for you as well.
Ready for a bank that operates to your personal standards of performance?  A bank that sees “overachieving” as a good thing?
Profit from the Monument Bank experience soon.  We’re here for people like you